Can We Trust the New Testament Manuscripts?

by Ark Encounter on March 22, 2018

One of the last exhibits you might visit at the Ark Encounter is the Why the Bible Is True exhibit on Deck 3 of our life-size Noah’s Ark. In this gospel-presenting exhibit, you will follow three college students around campus as they are challenged about their beliefs. Why the Bible Is True addresses many common objections to trusting God’s Word.

Want to learn more about this exhibit? Check out the videos below!

Why the Bible Is True Tour

Walk through the Why the Bible Is True exhibit with our social media team and Tim Chaffey, our content manager for the Ark Encounter. In this video, you will get a brief overview of the story you’ll experience and catch a glimpse of the different scenes you’ll see throughout.

Are the Manuscripts Reliable?

One scene in the Why the Bible Is True exhibit features two of the characters in a coffee shop setting wondering if the Bible is really a reliable source from God.

How do we know the Bible’s original message wasn’t lost over thousands of years? Compared to the Bible, proof for other famous ancient texts doesn’t even amount to a hill of beans. Find out more in this eye-opening video below, which you can also catch in the Why the Bible Is True exhibit!

You can also learn more about this video and the differences in the New Testament manuscripts at

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