How to Make Your Own 3D Figure at the Ark Encounter

by Ark Encounter on May 17, 2018

Have you seen personalized 3D prints? This unbelievable technology is available for Ark Encounter guests! Visit 3D Portraits on the second deck of our life-size Noah’s ark, and create your own 3D figure. Check out these five simple steps to have your own 3D portrait made at the Ark Encounter and delivered to your doorstep!

3D Portrait Logo

Step Into the Cameras

To start the process, step into the room with our camera. We use almost 90 cameras to capture your 3D image.

3D Portrait Room

Review Poses

You can immediately review your poses and retake your portrait if desired.

3D Camera

View Digital Sample

Once you are happy with your pose, you will see a digital 3D sample in 25–30 minutes.

3D Portrait Sample

Choose Your Size

There are four sizes to choose from: 3-inch, 5-inch, 7-inch, and 9-inch.

3D Portrait Sizes

Make Your Purchase

After you purchase your commemorative figurine, it will be 3D printed and mailed to you!

3D Portrait of Ken Ham

Start planning your trip to the Ark Encounter, and make your own 3D figure as a unique reminder of your visit with us. Be sure to share your 3D portrait with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using #arkencounter.