New Beginning Nominated for Two Awards

by Ark Encounter on April 2, 2020

As you tour the Ark Encounter’s exhibits, you will see many things that highlight the time of Noah. Two decks even have feature short films that display what life could have been like on the ark and share gospel truth.

Daily (when the attraction is open), in the Answers Center, we show a short film called New Beginning. This movie features the story of Shem’s wife, Aryel, as she writes about her experiences in the pre-flood world, on the ark, and in the brand-new world for her children. This historical drama brings the flood account to life in a new way and challenges viewers to think about the realities faced by Noah and his family.

This short film, which is a great experience for our guests and the users of Answers Bible Curriculum has now gained international recognition. New Beginning was submitted to the International Christian Film and Music Festival and has been nominated for two awards, Best Short Film and Best Director. Out of over 100 selections, New Beginning is one of 15 nominations in both categories.

We are thankful for how God is using this film to help bring the Bible to life for viewers, remind them of God’s faithfulness, and encourage them to look at the truth of God’s Word for answers.

Watch New Beginning for yourself when you visit the Ark Encounter. Start planning your visit today!