Flooded with Legends

by Ark Encounter on May 11, 2023

Over 200 legends of an ancient global flood have been discovered around the world. These legends vary in their level of consistency with the biblical account, yet certain details are widely distributed. For example, many of these tales speak of a favored family who built a huge boat and, along with some animals, survived a worldwide catastrophe sent by an angry deity.

Flood Legends Exhibit

What is the best explanation for the existence of these flood legends? Are they merely unrelated tales of local catastrophes endured by each culture’s ancestors? Are they simply recounts of a myth spread in ancient history? The best explanation fits the Bible perfectly: the people who split from Babel passed on their knowledge of the biblical flood, but their stories became distorted during many centuries of retellings.

Did the Bible Copy from Ancient Myths?

Critics of the Bible often claim that the biblical flood account was copied from ancient Babylonian or Sumerian flood legends since these writings predate the time of Moses. However, it makes much more sense to believe that the biblical account reveals the true history of the flood while the legends tell a distorted version of the same event.

  1. Since the Bible is God’s Word, it is accurate in all that it records. This accuracy is not limited to matters of faith but includes every subject the Bible addresses, including history.
  2. Only the dimensions of the biblical ark provide the ideal size, strength, stability, and comfort for a ship built to protect the people and animals during the flood.
  3. Many flood legends highlight a mountain, animals, and boat structures common to the people of the region. However, the Bible does not localize the event.
Flood Legends Exhibit

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