Ark Fundraising “Thermometer” Update

by Ark Encounter on July 19, 2012

You probably noticed a recent “jump” in the Ark fundraising thermometer on the Ark Encounter home page. Since we first launched the Ark Encounter project, this thermometer has only shown the funding that has come from donations to the Ark Encounter, such as donations from the sponsorship of Pegs, Planks, or Beams. It has now been updated to also reflect the funds that have been raised for the Ark Encounter through the sales of the Lifetime Charter Boarding Passes (over $1.8 million to date).

We are excited about how the Lord continues to bless the Ark Encounter outreach.

Help us build a full-scale Noah’s Ark!

AiG’s part in the Ark Encounter project is raising $24.5 million in donations and boarding pass sales for an all-wood Ark, the centerpiece and first phase of the whole multi-attraction complex! A finished Ark will be a great testimony to the historicity of the Bible, and we will also use it to present the gospel. Visit for more information about the funding of the Ark Encounter and how you can participate.