Ark Model Hits the Runway

by Ark Encounter on October 3, 2013

It’s difficult to fathom just how large Noah’s Ark really was. We can recite the dimensions recorded in Scripture, but for many people it is hard to grasp the immensity of the Ark without seeing something tangible. One of the exciting aspects of the Ark Encounter project is that we will be able to present a vivid representation of this enormous structure. Seeing the massive size of the Ark will help people realize that the skeptical questions about Noah, the Flood, and the Ark can be answered when we start with God’s Word.

Our gifted team of designers recently built a topographical model of the Ark Encounter’s first phase. This stunning model depicts a portion of the beautiful property in Williamstown, Kentucky, where the Ark will be constructed. Built on a scale where one inch equals nearly thirty feet, the model stretches over 16 feet in length and over nine feet at its widest point.

The first phase shows the parking lot, roads, and approximately 1,700 vehicles. You can also see the painstaking detail in the hundreds of trees and buildings on the property. Of course, the highlight of the model is the Ark itself. Seeing it above the tree line and dwarfing the numerous buildings, buses, and semi-trucks helps a person begin to visualize the sheer size of the Ark Encounter.

While it is thrilling to see the Ark “brought to life” through this impressive model, that excitement will pale in comparison to seeing the full-size Ark completed. We look forward to this unique opportunity to share the truth of God’s Word, particularly the gospel message of Jesus Christ, with an unbelieving world.

Here is a wide shot of Ark Encounter topographical model:

Ark Encounter model

The Ark dwarfs nearby buildings and trees, as seen in this photo:

Close-up Ark Encounter model