Alaskan Eleven Year Old Raises Funds for the Ark

by Ark Encounter on July 31, 2014

One of our AiG employees recently received an email from a mother whose family trip to the Creation Museum motivated one of her sons to raise funds for the Ark Encounter. Here is the encouraging letter we received:

Last fall (2013) our family journeyed down to the ‘lower 48’ from our home here in Alaska. We are on staff with Victory Bible Camp located 100 miles northeast of Anchorage. On our trip we were able to see many amazing sights, one of which was the Creation Museum. All of us thoroughly enjoyed our day spent there and have been sharing stories ever since. Our younger 2 boys, Austin 11 years old and Randall 8 years old, were especially thrilled to see how the ‘7 C’s’ were incorporated into the museum since that was what both of them had been going through in their Sunday School classes here in Alaska.

While we were there we were also told of the Ark Encounter project that was in the beginning stages. This sparked an interest with Austin! Our trip lasted 4 months and covered 17,000 miles but when we arrived home we went online to the Ark Encounter website to learn more. When Austin saw the breakdown of the fundraiser with the pegs, planks, and beams he had the idea of getting our community involved. He made a form on the computer to take around to the neighbors and ask them if they would like to be involved with the Ark Encounter project. He was able to raise $500 and is excited that five pegs will be placed in the ark from the Glacier View Community in Alaska!

In the years to come, we look forward to keeping in touch with the project and someday make our way back to Kentucky and see the finished Ark!

Truly, it is encouraging to hear about young people who long to see the gospel-proclaiming Ark Encounter. We are also heartened by Austin’s willingness to tell others about the Ark and to raise funds toward its construction. Thank you, Austin, and may God bless you as you grow in your walk with Him.