Road Renovations

by Ark Encounter on August 22, 2014

Anyone who has visited the Ark Encounter property in the past few years should be familiar with our need to upgrade the service road. The original service road became nearly impassable for most vehicles during muddy conditions, and the single lane made it difficult to host any large gatherings at the site.

Recently, our Director of Site Development and Horticulture, Tim Schmitt, and his crew worked on this important project. The first image below shows the original service road entrance on the left, and on the right, part of the new service entrance can be seen.

The following pictures show the new-and-improved service road and its new entrance on the Ark Encounter property. The two trees on the right of the above picture can be seen on the left of the image below.

Here’s another look at the service road.

With the newly paved service road, we are now better able to accommodate larger events at the Ark Encounter property. Also, service vehicles will have a much easier time reaching the Ark site.

We continually receive requests from people who want to head out to the Ark site to view its progress. Currently, visitors are not allowed on the property, as can be seen on the gate below.

There has been plenty of activity around here as we prepare to build the Ark. Please pray for the safety of everyone involved and that the team will continually seek the Lord’s guidance in this project. Also, pray that any potential hurdles to the Ark’s construction will be handled in a timely and godly manner.