Ark Encounter in the Headlines Again!

by Ark Encounter on October 11, 2014

The Ark Encounter, to feature a life-size Noah’s Ark that is well underway in Williamstown, Kentucky (and south of Cincinnati, Ohio), is on the front pages again! I’m sure many of you have read one or more recent news reports that present various, often confusing theories about the Kentucky tourism tax refund program that the Ark Encounter has applied for.

One of the most humorous articles had this headline:

  • “Noah’s Ark Theme Park Loses $18 Million in Tax Breaks Unless They Hire Atheists”

Other headlines included:

  • “Ark Encounter Job Listing Requiring ‘Statement Of Faith’ Lands Ken Ham’s Noah’s Ark In Hot Water”
  • “Kentucky warns Noah's Ark theme park over hiring practices”

Numerous other news stories have been published across the nation, and atheist bloggers have become giddy with excitement about the rumor that the construction of the Ark project may somehow be in jeopardy!

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