It’s What’s on the Inside

by Ark Encounter on February 13, 2015

As the Ark construction slowly starts to climb vertically, all hands are on deck back at our design studio as AiG employees work on the exhibits that will fill up the Ark. The first picture is of a supply of Styrofoam that will be used to carve out and sculpt animals for exhibits.


The next group of pictures is of Doug Henderson, Jesse Pie, and Ben Iocco working on the first of many animal models from the long list that need to be done.

Doug Henderson

Jesse Pie

Ben Iocco

Here is a picture of Joel Briggs “in training” so that he can soon join the others in crafting the various animals needed.

Joel Briggs

At the other end of the model room, Allen Greene and Humberto Amaro are working on a mock-up of the gift shop for the Ark.

Allen Greene and Humberto Amaro

Though the Ark construction is over a year from completion, time is ticking away quickly at the design studio!