by Ark Encounter on April 1, 2015

Two questions we get asked quite frequently are “When are you building the Ark?” and “Have you built the Ark, yet?” Obviously, the people who ask these questions do not keep up with our blogs that we post two to three times a week describing what is going on at the Ark Encounter property. Maybe now that the construction is moving vertically, it will start to register in people’s minds that the Ark really is being built.

There is something about seeing a full-size Ark that appeals to the general public; in fact, according to a recent study, over three-fourths of Americans believe that there was an Ark built, and many of them said that they would bring their families to Kentucky to see what Noah’s Ark might have looked like. Here are some pictures taken just this past Friday for you to see how the concrete towers that will support the Ark are rising vertically. Naturally we are all eager to see the timber frame to go up, but that will have to wait for a couple of months.

Verticality Verticality Verticality Verticality