Meanwhile, Back at the Ark Design Studio . . .

by Ark Encounter on April 10, 2015

It doesn’t look like our giraffe kind will be completed before the Warehouse Clearance Sale this Friday and Saturday when we are giving tours of the fabrication area. We are still waiting on the fur to arrive. But we should be able to show the progress to date on them.

Giraffe Kind Giraffe Kind

As you can see from the photos, getting the eyes just right is a job in and of itself!

The next pair of animals our guys have begun working on is the juvenile T-rexes. Here is a video of our CNC sculpting out the body parts which then will be put together and made to look lifelike! Imagine going home at night, and at the dinner table your children asking what you did at work today, and answering, “Oh, just the usual. Turning plain old Styrofoam into a realistic-looking animal. Pass the mashed potatoes, please.”

Juvenile T-rex Assembly Juvenile T-rex Assembly Juvenile T-rex Assembly