Waiting for Green

by Ark Encounter on April 15, 2015

One of the pleasures of living in a subtropical, humid climate like we experience in Kentucky is the opportunity to enjoy the seasons. Unlike the arid regions where it seems to be brown year round, or the tropical regions where it is always green, in Kentucky we eagerly await the return of spring. Some of us may have enjoyed the snow and cold of winter, but by the first of March we have had our fill of it. There is nothing like the return of the sound of songbirds and the blooms of spring and the new life springing forth everywhere you look.


Especially important at a new construction site is the growth of grass to help control erosion and enhance the beauty of the surrounding area. Here are some pictures from areas of the Ark Encounter that should be greening up really soon. Pray for our construction crews and landscaping staff as they battle the erosion problems inherent to hilly areas.

Brown Slope Greening Slope