Meetings at the Ark Site

by Ark Encounter on April 17, 2015

Thursday, April 16, was a very busy day at the construction site. Besides the normal flurry of activity, the construction update meeting took place in the construction site office. In the past, we have met in the conference room at the design studio and talked to various people via a conference call, but with the construction site office being set up to host a large group, representatives of the various departments sat at the table to weigh in on their areas of expertise.

Discussing the blueprints

After the meeting, we were blessed with great weather (considering it was supposed to have rained), so we donned our hard hats and reflective vests and toured the site with Patrick Marsh describing the different areas at ground level. With so many piers already in place, it was mind-boggling to imagine that there were more going up at a later date. The piers shown in the pictures are just for the center section of the Ark so that construction can begin there and work out toward the bow and the stern.

Tour guided by Patrick Marsh The center columns

Do you know the parts of a ship? Bow is the front, stern is the back, port is the left, and starboard is the right when standing at the stern looking toward the bow. Good luck remembering that when you tour the Ark with your group someday. Maybe you can just agree to meet at the restaurant if you get separated.