Chamber of Commerce Breakfast

by Ark Encounter on April 20, 2015

Once a month, some members of the team who are working on the Ark meet for breakfast with other business leaders and officials in Grant County. If you are a fan of having a voice in county government, a state like Kentucky would appeal to you because the state is divided into 120 counties—only Texas and Georgia have more counties. Kentuckians love their counties; in fact, ask a Kentuckian where he is from, and if he is not from Louisville or Lexington, he will probably name his county.

The Ark Encounter enjoys its relationship with Grant County and especially with the townspeople of Williamstown. Our AiG staff felt right at home with the others at the breakfast. What made this month’s breakfast exciting was being able to hear from State Representative Brian Linder and State Senator Damon Thayer, the Majority Floor Leader, and know that they personally are working hard to get the governor and state to not renege on the tax incentive that was originally promised to the Ark Encounter if we built in Kentucky.

Senator Damon Thayer and Representative Brian Linder

Senator Damon Thayer and Representative Brian Linder

By the summer of 2016, Grant County will be the home of the largest timber frame structure in the world, and guests from all over the world will visit a structure that is 85 feet wide, 54 feet tall, and 510 feet long! Now picture that structure resting on 102 concrete piers, 12.5 feet above the ground, and you will begin to understand why it will be such an astounding attraction.

Concrete piers going up