Precast Concrete

by Ark Encounter on April 22, 2015

On Tuesday at the Ark Encounter, trucks arrived with precast concrete. Instead of building the forms on site, then pouring concrete into them, and then taking the forms down, using precast concrete will help this part of the construction go much faster. This type of construction product is produced offsite by casting concrete in a pre-determined form and letting it cure in a controlled environment before it is eventually transported to the construction site.

Delivery of precast concrete

The central tower now has a ground floor covering the underground water tank built for extra fire protection. Also, the second floor of the central tower is now in place. You can see from the following pictures where the precasts are enclosing the stairway of the central tower’s lower floor and where the precasts are going over the fire cistern that holds 50,000 gallons of water. Soon the masonry will continue on to the next level. Notice the view from the second floor.

Crane Work First Floor Second Floor Second Floor View