Problem-Solving at the Ark Site

by Ark Encounter on April 30, 2015

Every two weeks we have an Ark construction update meeting, which involves people from the construction company, some of the staff of Answers in Genesis, and the lawyer and a board member of Answers in Genesis. Though most of them are on site, a few have to call in on a conference line. With such a massive construction project going on, it is amazing what all has to be covered in the hour or so of the meeting. Just today, we discussed erosion control, storm drains, placement of spoils (extra rock and dirt), plumbers, electricians, weather delays, utility trenches, light fixtures, and controls, to name a few.

Construction Update Meeting

Needless to say, once the meeting ends, it is great to get out of the office and walk around the Ark site on a gorgeous spring day. But even the walk outside entails working on issues and coming up with resolutions to foreseeable situations like putting up some kind of fencing to keep children from exploring the valleys between the ridges, and how best to construct the viewing area from across the lake. So much to be done before the summer of 2016!

Construction Update Meeting Construction Update Meeting Construction Update Meeting