The Ark Construction Continues!

by Ark Encounter on May 6, 2015

Exciting things are happening on the Ark property! The progress is amazing, and we are excited to show you another video of the construction site and all the new changes. This video was taken from a helicopter that recently flew over the site. We start at the Ark site and then go to the parking area.

You will see beyond the parking area, Interstate 75 and the interchange (exit 154) where people will get off to go to the Ark Encounter. As the helicopter flies over and around the parking area, you will get a sense of how much dirt has been moved—1 million cubic yards! Then you will see the tram road that has been cut in to go to the Ark site. At the Ark construction site, you will see some orange barrels in an arrow shape at the east and west ends—that will be where the bow and stern of the Ark will be—and you will also see the three 7-story towers under construction that the 510-foot-long (85 feet wide and 54 feet high) Ark will anchor to, and some of the 102 columns (each 15 feet high) the Ark will sit on.

The life-size Noah's Ark—what will be the world’s largest timber frame building—and its biblical teaching exhibits will open sometime in 2016. Keep up to date at