Noah’s Study

by Ark Encounter on May 8, 2015

One of the tasks that Allen Greene has been assigned is to develop the concept of Noah working in his study while on board the Ark. The following is a visual that he has come up with:

Sketch of Noah’s Study

After the animals were fed and the cages were cleaned, what did Noah and his family do on the Ark? At the Ark Encounter, we hope to show some possibilities of what Noah and his family may have done together in their downtime in an exhibit space we call Noah’s Study. We plan to show Noah busy at his desk keeping track of the amount of time that has passed while on the Ark and keeping a log of the food and water that remains on the Ark. Noah’s wife is also featured in the study. Perhaps she takes a moment to remember the world that has passed by, reading a letter from her mother. In addition, guests will see items in this space such as paints and instruments, alluding to what Noah and his family may have done together in the small amount of downtime they shared on the Ark.

Allen Greene Sketching Noah’s Study