Laying It All Out

by Ark Encounter on May 29, 2015

As the wood continues to arrive the number of workers at the site will continue to increase. With the number of quality masons (those that can handle laying blocks that weigh 45 pounds all day) being boosted to 22, the total number of construction personnel on the site has grown to about 50. Before too long that number could climb as high as 170.

Masons at Work

What was really interesting to see was the outline of where one of the bents would be assembled, and then right beside it, an actual bent was being put together. The pictures don’t really do it justice because the lumber is so massive, and unless you are standing beside it, you just don’t get the full effect.

Outline First Bent Ark Staff with Beam

On Monday, we are expecting the arrival of a huge crane that will take three days to assemble. This crane will be used to raise the bents and place them on the foundation. June 11 is the scheduled date for the raising of the first bent, but that could change due to weather conditions. Remember, guests can view the Ark being built at our Ark Construction Observation beginning June 1.