Today Is the Day

by Ark Encounter on June 15, 2015

We are all excited about the first bent going up today! As mentioned in a previous blog, the assembly of the first bent had its challenges, and then trying to figure out the best way to rig the bent for hoisting has also been a challenge. We have to be careful to lift it in such a way as to not put too much stress on any one area.

Now when our guests go to observe the construction of the Ark, there will be more to see than concrete blocks being laid by the masons for the three towers that will help support the Ark and also provide stairways, elevators, and restrooms.

First Bent First Bent First Bent First Bent First Bent First Bent

Instead of the lumber and glulams being spread out all over the worksite, the wooden structure of the largest timber-frame construction in the world will have started to take shape. This is a great time to see this monumental event.

Check our website to learn more about how you can visit the Ark during construction.