Babel Diorama

by Ark Encounter on June 19, 2015
Travis Wilson

Hi folks! My name is Travis Wilson and I’m a production designer with Answers in Genesis, and I’m currently developing exhibits for the Ark Encounter. A production designer basically takes the information provided by our content writers and “brings it to life.”

One of my tasks is to design the dioramas that will be on the Ark. Currently underway is a diorama of our ancestors building the Tower of Babel. We will include an exhibit about Babel to explain this world-shaping event that took place during Noah’s latter years.

In the last year, we’ve added a new “member” to our team—a 3D printer. Printing in 3D allows us to put an incredible amount of detail into dioramas that are so unique and custom to the story we’re telling. Just ten years ago this would not have been possible.

The Babel diorama will contain about 400 animals and 1000 people going about their daily tasks. There will be some repeated characters, but digital sculpting and 3D printing allows us to very quickly create unique characters with very high detail.

Be sure to visit the Ark Encounter next year to see the finished exhibit.

Digital Characters

Here are a few digital characters ready to be printed.

Fresh off the Printer

These pieces are fresh off the 3D printer. They are coated with a support material that will be washed off.

Ready to Paint

Piles of printed and cleaned pieces ready to be painted.


Close-up of some printed cattle.


Greg Iocco patiently “brings them to life” with a very detailed paint job.

Final Characters

Here are some of the final painted characters. They are just 1.155% of the size of a normal person–so a 6’ tall man will be 0.83” tall.