Media Day at the Ark Encounter

by Ark Encounter on June 25, 2015
Ken and the Media

This morning we invited the press to the “Ark Raising” press conference and photo opportunity. They heard from president of Answers in Genesis Ken Ham, project director Mike Zovath, and chief communications officer Mark Looy. Then to top it off, they were given a tour of the construction site (which allowed them to walk on top of the concrete structure) and they had the opportunity to interview various people, including several Amish men who were on site employing some of their traditional wood-building knowledge along with modern techniques to bring to life what research shows will be the largest timber-frame structure in the world.

Amish Men
Ark Wood

They were also able to interview PhD scientists Nathaniel Jeanson (AiG’s newest research staff member) and Andrew Snelling of AiG who are able to speak about the biological kinds of animals on the Ark and Flood geology, respectively.

Jeanson and Snelling

It was great to see how many credentialed news outlets accepted this special invitation and will air a news story from this “once-in-a-lifetime” event. Who wouldn’t want to stand on the actual Ark structure and take pictures and video for the world to see?