Safety First and Foremost

by Ark Encounter on July 24, 2015

No doubt you have seen workers of a bygone era walking along beams high in the sky with nothing tethering them to the construction site. Or maybe a picture of several workers lined up sitting on a beam hundreds of feet in the air eating lunch. Though the Ark isn’t going to be hundreds of feet high, it is still scary seeing workers far above the ground. But the good part is they are studied up on safety and are always tied in with a harness.

Imagine being high off the ground when a big gust of wind sweeps through! Just in the last week or so they had to hunker down when the wind kicked up to 60 miles per hour. Here is a picture of the men being trained, followed by pictures that show them putting the decking in place.

Safety First and Foremost Safety First and Foremost Safety First and Foremost

The final picture gives you an idea of how high up they are working. You know you’re pretty high up when people on the ground look like ants.

Safety First and Foremost

Continue to pray for those laboring at the Ark and their safety.