Work Smart

by Ark Encounter on July 27, 2015

Have you ever heard of a panelized exterior wall jig? In the following picture, notice the black bracket on the Ark’s structure just above the G printed on the crane.

Where Another Glulam Will Be Placed

That is the location of where another glulam will be placed. But before it is installed, another glulam will be placed on the ground with it in such a way that the exterior panels will be attached. So instead of adding the exterior wall’s panels high up on the side of the Ark, all of that can be done at ground level.

Here is the picture of the panelized exterior wall jig.

Panelized Exterior Wall

They will fasten the panels to two of the four glulams as seen in this photo.

Panels Fastened to Glulams

These will then be put in place using the brackets between two existing bents and then attaching the panels to two of the bents that are already in place.

If you still don’t get the “picture,” be sure to keep checking our construction update blog posts to see what we’re talking about. In the meantime, come down to our Ark Construction Observation site and witness the building of a life-size Ark. It’s the chance of a lifetime!