Construction at the Ark Site

by Ark Encounter on August 17, 2015

The construction continues at a very rapid pace, and we hope to make up for the delays that were encountered during this past winter and spring. Recently we wrote about the panelized exterior wall jig. Well, here is a picture of the end result of the workers putting the panels on before placing it on the exterior of the Ark.

Ark Exterior Section

Next is a photo of the back side of the Ark where these structures have been placed and covered with Tyvek Commercial Wrap.

Ark Exterior Section

As the Ark continues to grow in size horizontally, the construction workers will be able to enclose this first section of the Ark and continue with some of the finish work. In the meantime, the towers continue to grow vertically to a height of seven stories, and a massive amount of concrete is about to be poured on the floor beneath the Ark itself where the bookstore will be housed.

Tower Construction Ready for Concrete Pour

If you have not been by to see the Ark under construction, there is still plenty of time to see this amazing structure being built to the glory of God and to help point people back to the truths found in God’s Word.