Controlling the Climate

by Ark Encounter on August 24, 2015

Have you ever wondered what life would have been like on board the Ark? Well, our artists and designers are working diligently to replicate what it must have been like living on the Ark for a year. Noah and his wife would have had a room all to themselves as would each of the sons and their wives. We have even designed a library that will be built inside the Ark where Noah could have spent some of his free time.

Of course, we are taking liberties because, outside of the people, animals, and food, the Bible doesn’t give us any details as to the content of the Ark. But when you come to visit the Ark, you will be amazed by its structure and size. You will ask yourself, “How did Noah pull this off?” But like in all epochs of time, God had prepared someone for the task.

Going back to life onboard the Ark: can you imagine the ingenuity involved in building a habitation filled with representatives of all of the animal kinds? How would you control the quality of the air? We will have an exhibit addressing questions regarding air, water, and sunlight.

The conditions present during the Flood may have kept the air cool on board Noah’s Ark. But the Ark Encounter will not be in such a setting, so we will need to maintain cooler air another way. On each of the three towers that are used to support the Ark Encounter, there will be a 14,500 pound HVAC unit. These things are monstrous, and it will take three of these units to control the climate in our Ark.