Flocking the Theosodons

by Ark Encounter on September 16, 2015

The talented design team working on the Ark Encounter truly is an amazing group. They work long hours to make sure the quality of the exhibits for the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum are first class.

Recently, Joel Briggs worked on our theosodon, an extinct animal that resembles a guanaco, a type of wild llama. He needed to add some fur in and around the noses of these adorable creatures. Utilizing a technique from the movie industry to put short beards on actors, Joel used a flocking machine to add the necessary fur to this creature. This device sends a small electrical charge into the item being flocked, which attracts loose fur pieces to the desired spot. Joel added a special adhesive around the nostrils of the theosodon and then shook out small pieces of fur from the flock head—the white plastic container at the end of the yellow bar below. Notice the small charging clamp near the neck of the theosdon and Joel holding the flocking device.

Flocking a Theosodon

Here’s a close-up of the theosodon’s nostrils followed by an image of the finished animal.

Flocking a Theosodon Flocking a Theosodon

Please continue to pray for everyone involved in the Ark Encounter project, and start making plans to visit this one-of-a-kind evangelistic theme park when it opens next summer.