Prepping for Bridge Construction on the Tram Road

by Ark Encounter on October 26, 2015

Work has begun on both ends of the tram road as we get ready to build a bridge across the stream in the valley that separates the parking lot from the Ark Encounter. The holes on both sides of the stream that were dug out for the foundations of the structure remind one of two huge backyard swimming pools. That is going to make for a lot of concrete! We eagerly await the completion of the bridge, which obviously will be a couple of months in construction. But we will finally be able to traverse from the parking lot over to the Ark. As soon as we can, we want to put a transit bus on the tram road and see how long it takes to load it full of people and drive it across to the other side and unload. We hope it takes less than 20 minutes round trip so as to expedite getting our guests to the Ark Encounter.