More Construction Meetings

by Ark Encounter on October 28, 2015

It was a good day to be inside the construction trailer; yesterday was wet and had the hint of the cold weather to come. First, we heard from Burne Miller and John Leszczynskiof Troyer Group who told us about their successful meeting with the planning commission. Next we discussed the plans for the petting zoo at the Ark Encounter and what our needs will be. Who would have thought that a petting zoo discussion would include water, sewage, and electricity?

Construction Meeting

Then we heard from the man himself: LeRoy Troyer. He showed us the blueprints for the huge restaurant that will be located just left of the bow of the Ark and then went over the drawing of the theater that will be on the starboard side of the ship. For you landlubbers, that will be on the back side of the Ark, or the Ark’s right side.

LeRoy Troyer

LeRoy has seen quite a number of structures go up in his day, but you can tell by listening to him that this project is really special. Give him a few minutes of your time and you will learn all kinds of tidbits like, if you were to combine the three concrete towers into one building, it would be the size of a 210-room hotel!