Prepping a Pig

by Ark Encounter on November 2, 2015

As many of you know if you are regular readers of the construction blogs, the Ark Encounter will have a multitude of paired animals on display. We have discussed how some of these animals have been constructed out of Styrofoam and made to look life-like. With some, we have had to make it look like they are covered with scales, and others are covered with fur or feathers, but the pig kind has presented a different challenge. A pig has hair but it isn’t furry. Around its snout are hundreds of bristles that will need to be implanted one at a time, so a Styrofoam head just won’t serve the purpose. Instead, the artists have molded a silicone covering to form the head of the pig that will be conducive for the bristle implant. They will also add a hairy layer beginning around the neck and moving toward its tail.

You might wonder why we don’t just go to the taxidermist and get a couple of pigs. But keep in mind that we are going to show representatives of the pig kind that existed in Noah’s time rather than modern pigs.

Pig Face Pig Head Pig Mold Pig Fur