How We Grow Plants Year-Round in Kentucky

by Ark Encounter on November 23, 2015

Tim Schmitt and his crew have been busy constructing a green house and a cold frame structure at the Ark Encounter property. As AiG’s senior director of site development and horticulture, Tim brings years of experience to the Ark project after having oversight of horticulture at the Creation Museum, even before it opened. Our guests to the museum’s botanical gardens are fascinated by the variety of plants that we have growing there, especially the banana trees! We’re excited to have a cold frame structure that makes the dividing and propagation of plants possible. No matter the season, you will always enjoy the plants’ vibrant color, which is thanks to the ground crew’s hard work and cultivation in the gardens.

The greenhouse will also help us grow plants for the interior of the Ark. It’s possible that Noah took on board certain cultivated plants that could be replanted after the Flood. That way, the fruits and vegetables they were used to eating could be available not long after they disembarked. These types of plants will be on display in the Ark. For a good article on how plants in general survived the Flood, read “How Did Plants Survive the Flood?

Greenhouse Greenhouse