Construction Advancing on the Starboard Side

by Ark Encounter on January 6, 2016

The front (port) side of the Ark will surely be photographed millions of times, but guests will actually enter the Ark Encounter attraction from the back.

The back (starboard) side of the Ark is changing rapidly these days. Check out this video of some of the construction workers riding up along the back of the building:

Since we’re expecting at least 1.4 million guests in the first year alone, we built a massive parking lot. To make visiting the attraction easy for guests, guests will be bused from the parking lot to the Ark site. Seeing people’s faces as they round the last corner and the ship comes into view will be nearly as amazing as seeing the Ark itself.

After exiting the bus, guests may want to take several pictures of Ark. But they may have to use a panoramic shot to get all of the massive structure in the frame at once.

Then guests will proceed to the right of the lake and enter the queue line under the stern of the ship. After they make their way through the queue and learn from its teaching points and exhibits, they will proceed up a ramp taking them up to the first floor of the Ark.

In the pictures provided you can see where the slanted roof line will tie into the east tower. The three towers are used to brace the Ark against strong winds. They will also house the bathrooms, elevators, utility rooms, and stairwells, but they will not visible from the front.

Ark Starboard Side
Ark Starboard Side