Meet the Life-Like Figures at the Ark Encounter

by Ark Encounter on January 15, 2016

If you have been to the Creation Museum, you have undoubtedly enjoyed watching the life-like animals and human figures in some of the exhibits. People love the dinosaurs, the talking Noah, and the other animals displayed throughout the museum. It is fun to watch the reactions of people as they observe the life-like animals or in some cases as they interact with the animatronic figures by touching a screen to ask the character a question and then watching him respond. As you can imagine, we are frequently asked if the Ark Encounter will employ any animatronics.

Well, the answer is “Yes.” But most of the images and statues will be static like Noah’s son Shem who we’re staging in one of the exhibits to look like he is on his way to the “workshop.” Here are some of the details about this exhibit display from Doug Henderson, the Answers in Genesis supervisor of artists and design:

“I just finished the sculpture of Shem and it’s shipping out to LifeFormations today. They will blend it into a lifecast of an actor’s body and mold it. It will be cast in silicone, painted, and hair and beard added.

Life-Like Head

The head will be attached to this body, the neck sculpted to blend between the two and then a mold will be made. From the mold, a steel and fiberglass reinforced silicone body will be made and finished with paint, hair and acrylic doll eyes for a very realistic model of Shem.”

Life-Like Body

It’s incredible how much talent Answers in Genesis has employed to work on the Ark Encounter exhibit design, and we’re so blessed that these skilled workers have chosen to use their gifts for the Lord in this way.

Please keep praying for the designers, fabricators, artists, leadership, and the rest of the team as the Ark Encounter opening date is approaching. Opening day is July 7, 2016. Find out how you can get your tickets to board the ship.