Why Include a Keel on the Ark Encounter?

by Ark Encounter on March 1, 2016

A ship’s keel is a structure built along the bottom of the ship’s hull to support the main body of the ship. In some cases, the keel is extended downward to function as a stabilizer for the ship. Noah’s Ark, as described in Genesis 6, may have had a keel since it seems to have been an essential piece for the ship to survive the wind and waves.

Since the Ark Encounter will be a life-size Noah’s Ark, built according to the biblical dimensions and meant to educate people about the reality of the account in Genesis, we’re naturally including a keel on the Ark. (Read more about what Noah’s Ark looked like.)

Ark with Keel Ark with Keel

So far, construction has continued at a deliberate pace on the Ark at the stern end of the ship where the keel is protruding. The bulk of the ship is enclosed and weatherproofed for winter with a beehive of activity still going on. Pray for the construction workers’ continued safety and that the Lord will bless us with good weather so the construction can move forward quickly.

Ark with Keel

Praise God for the way He’s blessed the Ark Encounter so far, and please pray with us that He’ll continue to be glorified as this project continues. Opening date is July 7, 2016, and we’re excited to meet everyone who comes to visit the Ark during the first 40 days and nights! Buy tickets and learn more about the Ark, Noah, and the animals on board.