Intricate Detail Brings the Ark and Babel Accounts to Life

by Ark Encounter on March 10, 2016

AiG exhibit artist Greg Iocco and his team have researched ancient post-Flood man and early societies while designing and creating exhibits for the Ark Encounter. Greg said, “We researched those societies, the technology that they had, the things that they could do, their religious practices.”

Diorama People

The Ark Encounter is a life-size reconstruction of Noah’s Ark that will take you and your family on a journey to the pre-Flood world. In a family-friendly manner, you’ll learn about the wickedness of the generation that was alive at that time. Then you’ll meet Noah and his family and experience their journey on board the Ark while the rains fell. And after the waters recede, you’ll get off the ship with them and travel forward in time to the Tower of Babel, where God confused the languages and scattered the people.

When you see the exhibits and the many detailed dioramas like the Tower of Babel diorama, you’ll step into history and learn what life would have been like. Take a look behind the scenes at the research and talent required to make even just one diorama.

The voyage begins again July 7, 2016. Bring your family and friends to see the Bible-affirming, evangelistic Ark.