Videos to Show Your Friends

by Ark Encounter on May 9, 2016

After seeing just one video about the life-size Noah’s Ark, the construction site, and the exhibits that will be inside, you can really get hooked on what’s to come. Just like after seeing a good movie, after watching one of these videos, you’ll just have to tell your friends!

We’ve made sharing these videos easy, thanks to social media sites, especially YouTube.

For starters, here’s the latest fly-over drone video of the Ark construction site. It’s amazing to see the 510-foot long Ark finally take real shape!

Amazing, huh? Can you think of five people you’d like to show this video to? By sharing videos like this one, you help us get the word out about this evangelistic attraction that will teach people about the truth of God’s Word and help them understand that they can trust the Bible from Genesis through Revelation, and especially that they can trust the gospel of Jesus Christ.

If you’re in a sharing mood, here are some other fun Ark Encounter videos that we recommend using to start gospel conversations or to inform people about this amazing attraction opening in Northern Kentucky in July 2016.