Yaks, Kangaroos, and More at the Ark Zoo

by Ark Encounter on June 16, 2016

While eating your lunch or dinner at Emzara’s Buffet, you’ll be able to watch Tibetan yaks down below as they play and visit guests in Ararat Ridge Zoo. The yaks are domestic, even though they look crazy cool and wild.


That’s the mom and calf we’ll have at the Ark zoo. Tibetan yaks are considered vulnerable in the wild and live in the mountainous terrain of Nepal and the Tibet area of China.

We have a neat opportunity to care for these animals and help protect their species.

The Ark Encounter zoo will also have other animals—like kangaroos, ostriches, emus, and all sorts of lizards—from several continents around the world.

Varanus Exanthematicus

Photo by Daniel Bennett, via Wikimedia Commons.

But the Ararat Ridge Zoo won’t be like other zoos you’re familiar with. For example, we will present facts and information about the animals without the evolutionary teaching found at most other zoos. You can even take ride on a camel at the zoo and imagine you lived back during Bible times.

Plus there will be several hands-on opportunities for you and your family. You can visit the petting zoo section where you’ll get to meet our friendly llamas, alpacas, sheep, and goats. And you’ll get to enjoy our Meet the Creature programs where experienced zookeepers will take the animals out on a walk to visit guests who are waiting in line or milling about the Ark grounds.

Of course, these animals will be well cared for, living in heated and ventilated lean-tos, while eating zoo grade feed and spending lots of time exercising in our four pastures.

Join us in thanking God for the experienced zoo staff He’s bringing to us (our director has 26 years of zoo experience) and for the opportunity we have to share Christ with animal lovers who visit the Ark and Ararat Ridge Zoo after they open on July 7.