Seven Photos Capturing Animal Personalities

by Ark Encounter on October 4, 2016

The Ark Encounter features many different animals, both inside and out. Between our life-like animal sculptures inside the life-size Noah’s Ark and the animals in the Ararat Ridge Zoo, you’ll see plenty of unique personalities. These seven photos capture moments that entertained our guests.

Did You Say . . . ?

Will always come for treats.

Did You Say


We know you smiled.

Easily Emused

When You Just Can’t

We all have those days . . . .

When You Just Can’t


Smiles all around!

Hump Day

Not Like the Others

I spy with my little eye . . . a pony!

Not Like the Others

You Didn’t

If looks could kill . . . .

No You Didn’t


This bird wins the photobomb game.

Photo Bomb

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