Laughing With Noah

by Ark Encounter on October 7, 2016; last featured October 6, 2016

Since the Ark Encounter opened on July 7, 2016, our guests, social media followers, and local businesses have had fun incorporating Noah’s name and other Ark references into various jokes and puns. Here are five references to Noah that are sure to bring a smile to your face.

We Noah You Want . . .

Local businesses have also used the Ark Encounter’s opening as a way to attract visitors with clever Noah puns. Check out this Skyline sign!

Skyline Noah Sign


When Ken Ham, president and CEO of Answers in Genesis, shared the Skyline sign with his followers on Facebook, many people responded with a reference to a well-known aspect of the Noah’s Ark account, saying they wanted coneys two-by-two!

Shem’s Snack Shack, a new restaurant located in Williamstown, uses this tactic on their website: “The gourmet hot dogs and specialty sandwiches alone will make you want to order them two-by-two!”


Richest Man in the Bible?

We have also seen many Noah-related jokes posted to our social media pages. Here’s one of our favorites:

Who was the richest person in the Bible?

Noah. He floated his stock while the world was in liquidation.

Noah in Study

I Noah a Guy

As our social media team walked around the Ark Encounter one day, they noticed a group wearing shirts that read, “Need an Ark? I Noah guy!” Many guests also use this phrase when they post photos of their trip to the Ark Encounter on social media.

Noah and Emzara with Dove

Oh Noah He Didn’t!

As the Ark Encounter prepared to open and the days that followed, atheists took the opportunity to spread incorrect information in relation to Noah’s Ark and our life-size attraction. In response to the misinformation sent out through social media, we answered their claims with #OhNoahHeDidnt to share Answers in Genesis articles that supported a biblical worldview.

Ark Encounter Tweet

What are your favorite Noah jokes or puns that you have seen, heard, or thought of? Share your best with us on Facebook or Twitter, and it might be featured in a future blog post!