Why Should You Ride the Zip Lines in the Fall?

by Ark Encounter on October 13, 2016

When you visit the Ark Encounter, you won’t want to miss adding the Screaming Eagle Aerial Adventures to your day. Fall is the perfect time to experience the extreme thrill of zipping through the air over beautiful scenery with the Ark in the background. Here are five reasons you should take a ride on the zip lines this fall.

Unique Views

Where else can you soar through the air with a view of the life-size Noah’s Ark in the background? From a variety of different spots throughout the course, you are able to see the Ark from the platforms and as you zip down the lines. As the leaves fall from the trees surrounding the course, you may even have more opportunities to see the Ark from other locations.

Ark View from Zip Lines

Colorful Scenery

When you ride the zip lines at the Ark Encounter, you will fly above and through a variety of colorful trees and plants. During the fall, the changing color of the leaves creates a breathtaking scenic view throughout your tour. You won’t want to miss an opportunity to witness the beautiful Kentucky landscape this time of year.

Zip Through Trees

Family-Friendly Fun

The zip lines are a family-friendly activity. Participants must be at least eight years old, but you’re never too old to ride the zip lines! The adventure park is another aspect of the Screaming Eagle Aerial Adventures that your family can enjoy, and children can be as young as five years old for Tier 1. This aerial adventure even includes a few zip lines.

Adventure Park Entrance

Cooler Temperatures

Cooler temperatures come along with the fall season. This is the perfect time to check out the zip lines without worrying about the heat of summer days. While you may work up a sweat from climbing the tower stairs, the fall wind will quickly cool you off as you zip down the lines.

Zip Line Ark

Thrill-Seeking Adventure

Fall is the perfect time to let your adventurous side enjoy the thrill of the zip lines at the Ark Encounter. The Level 1 zip lines include seven zip lines and three to five sky bridges, and Level 2 will be coming soon. With speeds reaching up to 50 miles per hour and heights over 170 feet, the Ark Encounter zip lines take your ride to the max. At times, you’ll be zooming down from more than 17 stories in the air, making the Ark look even more impressive.

Thrill Seeking

To get a taste of what you will experience when you zip line at the Ark Encounter, check out this video below:

When you plan your trip to the Ark Encounter, consider adding the zip line experience to your visit. The zip lines are an additional cost to your Ark admission. For more information, visit the Screaming Eagle Aerial Adventures page on our website.