Learn More About Ararat Ridge Zoo Animals

by Ark Encounter on October 25, 2016

When you visit the Ark Encounter, be sure to venture into the Ararat Ridge Zoo located behind the life-size Noah’s Ark. With fun for the kids and biblical teaching content for all ages, this family-friendly activity is a must-do! Here are some interesting facts about a few of our animals in the Ararat Ridge Zoo.

Largest Living Bird

The newest animals to the Ararat Ridge Zoo are our three ostriches. They really like shiny objects, and our zookeepers cannot wear earrings since the ostriches might try to take them off! They are currently housed next to our zebras, and our goal is to eventually let these two live together in the same area.

Ostrich with Zebra

Did you know that ostriches actually walk on their toes? From what we consider to be kneecaps on down is really their foot. So when they are sitting down, they are resting on their foot and are flatfooted.

Ostrich Standing and Looking

Best View in the Zoo

Our four Tibetan yaks have one of the best views in the Ararat Ridge Zoo. You can see the back of the Ark, Emzara’s Kitchen, and the beautiful land surrounding their area in the back of the zoo.


Our yaks are representatives of the bovine animals, which means they are related to bison and cows. They tend to be more active in the morning and the evening when temperatures are cooler, and they enjoy the opportunity to spend time in their grazing yard.


Born at the Ark

Two of our animals were born after the Ark Encounter opened to the public. Kasl, one of the goats you can meet in the petting zoo area, was born on July 17. The goats now have collars with their names on them, so be on the look out for Kasl during your visit.


You can even take a ride on one of our camels during your visit as long as the weather permits!

To learn more about each of our animals, plan to make the Ararat Ridge Zoo part of your Ark Encounter experience. Each area contains more fun facts and interesting information.