Our Guests' Top 5 Favorite Exhibits

by Ark Encounter on February 10, 2017

When you visit the Ark Encounter, you are sure to walk away with a favorite exhibit or moment that will stick with you for years to come. We recently reached out to our Facebook followers and asked, “Which exhibit at the Ark Encounter is your favorite and why?” Here are five of our guests’ favorite exhibits.

Ark with Sun

Living Quarters

The Living Quarters are my favorite, because everyone always focuses so much on the animals that we often forget this was a family who lost everything they'd ever known. Seeing how they might have turned a terrible situation into a warm "home" is pretty amazing—and gets you thinking about how they had to preserve so many skills just within their family! Weaving, needlepoint, cooking, preserving food, carpentry, metalwork . . . they would all have been incredibly talented!

As you begin your tour of the third deck, one of the first exhibits you encounter is the Living Quarters. At the Ark Encounter, we wanted to give people a glimpse of what life might have been like for Noah and his family on the Ark. This display shows how they could have slept, prepared and cooked their food, and spent time when not caring for the animals.

Cooking in the Ark

Museum of the Bible

Both my wife and I enjoyed the exhibit of Bibles and the stories you could read about missionaries and the sacrifices they made in sharing the gospel. It was very moving and brought tears to both our eyes.

The Voyage of a Book was generously installed by our friends at the Museum of the Bible, which is slated to open in Washington, DC, later this year. This exhibit features personal accounts of missionaries who took the Bible around the world, and it is only a taste of what guests will experience when the Museum of the Bible opens!

Museum of the Bible Exhibit

Size of the Ark

My favorite exhibit there is the Ark, hands down! Getting to see it in person was an awesome experience. . . . I never imagined it being so big!

As guests round the final corner during their ride on the shuttle bus, they are amazed by the size of the Ark itself. This helps bring the reality of Noah’s Ark to life for many, allowing them to visualize how Noah and his family might have been able to fit all of the animals on the Ark along with everything they would have needed for their journey.

Ark Around Bend

Ark Door

The DOOR was awesome, only one way to our Lord.

The Ark Encounter door serves as a powerful reminder of salvation. It is also one of the most popular photo spots inside the Ark!

Ark Encounter Door

Teaching Exhibits

Walking through the Ark was like walking through a Biblical timeline. All exhibits were very informative and gave us a window into how they lived according to the Bible. [. . .] The exhibits and displays stayed true to the Biblical accounts. It was a very refreshing walkthrough to see and to feel that.
—Michael & Diana

Each deck of the Ark Encounter is filled with a variety of teaching exhibits designed to show our guests how all the animals could have fit on the Ark, along with how Noah and his family could have cared for the animals and survived aboard the Ark. During your visit to the Ark Encounter, you will be exposed to biblical truths that will equip you to boldly stand on your faith as you answer the tough questions of our age.

Family Flood Legends

Start planning your visit to the Ark Encounter today. We can’t wait to hear what your favorite exhibit was! Share photos from your visit with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using #arkencounter, and you might see them in a future blog.