Ark Survival 101: Living Quarters

by Ark Encounter on February 16, 2017

Have you ever wondered how Noah and his family survived their journey on the Ark? A visit to the Living Quarters on the third deck of the Ark Encounter shows guests how Noah and his family might have grown food, prepared and cooked meals, slept, and kept themselves entertained while aboard the Ark. Here are four ways Noah and his family could have lived on the Ark.

What About Food?

Although Scripture doesn’t specifically say what food Noah and his family ate, it is reasonable to believe that they would have been able to grow some of the food they needed while on the Ark. If they had a means of allowing sunlight to reach the top floor during the initial 40 days and nights of flooding (for example, an opening covered by thin animal skins), then they could have had potted plants that thrive in low-light settings.

Growing Food on the Ark

Most likely, Noah could have also grown some of the herbs, vegetables, and grains prior to the Flood and dried them for storage. You can read more about what types of food Noah and his family may have had on the Ark in “How Could Noah’s Family Have Survived the Journey?

Dried Food in the Kitchen

How Could They Cook?

As you walk through the Living Quarters, you will see the various tools that helped make cooking and baking possible in the Ark. Soups and stews could have been prepared in the low box stove, and placing hot coals in the mouth of the pots would provide the necessary heat to cook various ingredients. They may have also had a wood-burning oven to bake bread and other goods.

Prepping Food in the Kitchen

Where Did They Sleep?

Obviously, Noah and his family would have needed a place to sleep while aboard the Ark. The Living Quarters features four separate sleeping areas for Noah and Emzara and their sons and daughters-in-law, complete with beds and other items unique to each person’s interests. They could have slept on beds or even relaxed in a hammock as seen in Ham and Kezia’s living space.

Hammocks in Bedroom

What Did They Do?

When our designers and content manager were preparing exhibits for the Ark Encounter, they wanted to make the experience as authentic as possible. They assigned talents and interests to each person to bring the experience to life for our guests. In the Living Quarters, you can see various activities that may have kept them entertained during their downtime. For example, as you look into Japheth’s living space, you will see him playing the flute in the corner with Rayneh sitting on the floor painting pottery.

Rayneh Painting Pottery

To learn more about how our content team decided to use artistic license regarding the wives' names, this exhibit, and more, see our blog “Does the Bible Really Say...?

When you visit the Ark Encounter, take time to reflect on what it might have been like to live on the Ark as Noah and his family did. Do you think you could have survived the journey? Share your favorite pictures of the Living Quarters with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using #arkencounter.