5 Evidences That Show the Bible Is True

by Ark Encounter on April 7, 2017

Earlier this year, we opened our newest Ark Encounter exhibit, Why the Bible Is True, to the public. In this gospel-presenting exhibit, you will follow three college students around their college campus as they are challenged about their beliefs. Why the Bible Is True addresses many common objections to trusting God’s Word. Below are five evidences from the exhibit that, when taken together, demonstrate the truthfulness of the Bible.

Why the Bible Is True Exhibit

The Bible Is God’s Word

What does it mean that the Bible is God’s Word? God moved and guided the authors of the Bible as they wrote. At the same time, this process allowed the writers to use their own styles and personalities. The Bible is authoritative in every subject it addresses and without error in the original manuscripts, since the words ultimately came from God who knows everything and is without fault.

Why the Bible Is True Exhibit

The Bible Is Unique and Unified

The Bible is unique among all the books in the world, and its message is unified throughout all 66 books. It was written by over 40 different writers, including shepherds, kings, priests, scholars, fishermen, and prophets, over a span of 1,500 years. However, the Bible remains unified in its message even though it displays a wide variety of genres and its authors wrote for a variety of purposes and exhibited a broad range of emotions.

Why the Bible Is True Exhibit

The Bible Has Been Faithfully Passed Down

A common objection to the accuracy of the Bible is, “Isn’t the Bible just a copy of a copy?” The scribes who copied Scripture took great care in their work. Accuracy was ensured by a number of safeguards, including the counting of letters in a line and on a page. Minor variations exist between certain manuscripts, but thanks to the abundance of early texts and fragments, we can ascertain the original wording in nearly every case.

Watch Tim Chaffey’s video below to learn more:

The Bible Contains Fulfilled Prophecy

The divine origin of the Bible is demonstrated through its frequent use of prophecy. Of all the “holy books” of the world, only the Bible contains accurate, predictive prophecy because only the God of the Bible knows the future and has the power to bring it to pass (Isaiah 46:9–12).

Why the Bible Is True Exhibit

The Bible Holds the Key to Eternal Life

The Bible’s message provides ultimate answers to our greatest need (God’s forgiveness) and meets our deepest yearning (eternal life). God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die in our place, taking our sins upon Himself. Jesus Christ satisfied God’s justice, and three days later God raised Him from the dead. The answer to our greatest need and deepest longing is the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Why the Bible Is True Exhibit

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