No Typical Day: The Guest Services Life

by Ark Encounter on July 20, 2017

At the Ark Encounter, we are always looking for energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate people who will create the best experience possible for our guests. Our social media team recently reached out to Paul, one of our guest services team members, to learn more about his experience at the Ark Encounter. Here’s what he had to say about why he came to work at the Ark, his favorite encounters, what a typical day looks like here in Northern Kentucky, and more!

Paul Working

Paul with a guest inside the Ark.

Why did you want to work for the Ark Encounter?

I initially just needed something to provide income, since I was moving on from working at another local ministry. I knew I didn’t want just a basic secular job, so I thought I would check out working at the Ark. The hiring process was smooth! It didn’t take me long to look back and realize that the Lord had orchestrated the process, and I found myself truly loving my job to the point that when I had a day off, I wished I was working instead!

Ark Encounter

What’s your favorite exhibit at the Ark and why?

I get asked this question regularly from guests, so I’ve had plenty of opportunities to think of the answer! It would have to be just the structure itself—the enormity of the Ark. It never gets old.

But, for an exhibit inside the Ark that I would pick, it would be the Help Me Understand exhibit, where [the character of] Rayneh is pondering all of the questions like “Was it just for God to judge the whole world?” . . . It’s powerful and sobering to think that she is thinking about all the people that died.

Ark Encounter Exhibit

Have you met people who traveled from far away to see the Ark? If so, where have they traveled from?

All day, every day. During the first 40 days and 40 nights [2016], I remember that I met someone from not just another state but from another country every day! I still meet people from another country almost every day, including a family from Austria just a few days ago. I remember guests from Mexico, Canada, Australia, Japan, Germany, Egypt, Romania, and more.

Ark Encounter Staff and Guest

What does a typical day in guest services look like for you?

Wow, is there such a thing? No two days are alike. Every day is filled with many different kinds of new encounters and challenges. We start the day with a devotion, prayer, and announcements. Depending on where we are stationed, we help guests find their way around, answer basic questions, and make sure their encounter is as amazing as possible. You always get the chance to sense their excitement and anticipation and then their awe and satisfaction of being there.

Ark Encounter Staff Meeting

What are your favorite aspects of working in guest services at the Ark Encounter?

The people, from my amazing fellow coworkers to the guests. We have an amazing team that is dedicated to the Lord and one another. Seeing the guests continually being amazed and deeply impacted by the Ark Encounter makes any difficulties worth it. Just knowing that I am part of something so life-impacting and something that is known worldwide is awesome and exciting.


What’s been a highlight for you while working here?

There are so many every day. Being kind and helpful to guests and for them being so grateful is really rewarding.

But, I remember one guy I encountered on Deck Three at the end of the last exhibit, Why the Bible Is True. His family was with him as he was going through every exhibit and thoroughly reading everything. He came there knowing he was away from God in his heart, and by the end he had recommitted his life to Christ and was telling me about it in tears. That’s what this ministry is all about—saving souls through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Why the Bible Is True

If someone wanted to work in guest services at the Ark Encounter, what are some of the tasks they might handle?

Selling tickets, helping load/unload buses, directing traffic in the parking lot, greeting guests as they come and go, directing people going through the Ark and around the grounds are some of the things they might handle. With every position, they need to help guests have the best Ark Encounter experience possible!

Ark Encounter Staff

If the idea of serving and interacting with people from all over the world sounds interesting to you, consider joining our guest services team! We are always looking for people willing to create a memorable experience for our guests. Visit our jobs page to apply today.