Everything Fit Inside the Ark?

by Ark Encounter on February 15, 2018

Have you ever wondered how Noah fit all the animals on the Ark or how his family could have cared for them?

We built the life-size Noah’s Ark to answer these questions—and more! As you enter Noah’s world aboard the massive Ark, you’ll tour three decks filled with scores of world-class exhibit bays. These stunning exhibits allow you to see what life may have been like before, during, and after the Flood.

Half-Ark Model Signs

On the lower deck inside the Ark, you will find our half-Ark model. This represents one way Noah’s Ark could have been arranged, allowing enough space on board for all the animals and provisions. As you look at this representation, you will be amazed by the details and how everything could have fit.

On the wall next to the model, you’ll see signs designed to show you what Noah’s family might have needed for the journey, a list of the many animal kinds that could have been on board, and more. Learn about these signs below!

Signs on half-Ark model

Everything Fits

Each of the animal kinds on the Ark and their basic needs—such as food, water, and waste disposal—has been accounted for in the layout of the Ark model. As you explore the signs by the half-Ark model, you will see estimates including

  • Gallons of water needed
  • Pounds of food needed
  • Number of land-dependent animal kinds
  • Size distributions of animals
  • Daily labor division
  • Number and size of animal cages
Everything Fits on the Ark

Ark Layout

On the next sign, you will see detailed plans for how the decks could have been designed to accommodate each animal and person living in the Ark.

Detailed Layout of the Ark

Animal Kinds

Current estimates from our Ark Encounter researchers place 1,398 animal kinds on board the Ark. We have a detailed sign by the half-Ark model that lists each animal kind that might have been on Noah’s Ark by various categories, including (but not limited to) living flying creatures, extinct amphibians, extinct reptiles, and nonmammalian synapsids.

Animals Kinds on the Ark

In the near future, our team will be installing several more signs near this exhibit to address questions concerning the shape, design, and construction of the Ark.

When you visit the Ark Encounter, you won’t want to miss this fascinating exhibit in the bow end of the Ark. Share your favorite half-Ark model photos with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using #arkencounter.