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by Ark Encounter on August 2, 2018

Answers in Genesis, our parent ministry, announced an exciting new partnership with the online streaming service last month. This relationship will provide you with all of AiG’s video content whenever you want from wherever you are. And it means you will have unlimited access to our Ark Encounter videos as well! Learn more about the Ark Encounter-related videos you can stream now on below.

How It Was Made

Have you ever wondered how the Ark Encounter and its exhibits were built? We filmed quite a bit of the building process so that others could experience the excitement of the attraction coming together, and we released the footage on two videos: The Building of the Ark Encounter and Building the Exhibits of Ark Encounter.

The Building of the Ark Encounter
Building the Exhibits of Ark Encounter

Not only are these titles available in our gift shop and on AiG’s online store, but both are now available on as well.

Inside the Ark

Now on, you can catch two of the videos shown inside our life-size Noah’s ark. With this partnership, you can now watch The Noah Interview, an entertaining look at the scoffing and questions that Noah surely faced, and our award-winning short film, As in the Days of Noah, which shows how our modern world isn't all that different from the world in Noah’s day. These appear on Pure Flix as a series under The Noah Interview.

Get a Flood of Answers

Watch the uncut two-hour “walking debate” as Bill Nye “the Science Guy” toured the Ark Encounter with Ken Ham in Nye/Ham The Second Debate with your subscription, or equip your family with answers to questions about the ark’s seaworthiness by catching Noah’s Ark: Thinking Outside the Box.

Try a Month of for Free

Although we don’t necessarily agree with everything hosted on this site and we encourage you to be discerning about what content you choose to watch, is a great place to start for family-friendly entertainment and even some Bible teaching. We’re excited about this new relationship with them and trust many people will be exposed to top-notch teaching about the truth of God’s Word and the message of the gospel through this partnership.

The subscription cost is the equivalent of purchasing one AiG or Ark Encounter DVD a month. Learn more and subscribe (or try a month free) at