Ark-tistic License at the Ark Encounter

by Ark Encounter on January 30, 2020

When our designers and content writers were preparing exhibits for the Ark Encounter, they wanted to make the experience as authentic as possible. Since the Bible does not provide every detail the designers needed, artistic license was used, taking great care not to contradict biblical details. Learn more about how, when, and why we sometimes used artistic license at the Ark Encounter below.

Artistic License

Is the Ark Encounter Adding to Scripture?

Details like naming the women enhance the overall guest experience. They should not, in any way, be considered attempts to add our ideas to the Bible. Additional signage can be found in the exhibits that contain significant amounts of artistic license to help visitors discern between Scripture and elements of artistic license.

Artistic License Noah

What did the animals look like?

The Ark’s animals may look different than many people expect. Whenever possible, the creatures we crafted were based on fossils found in rock layers considered by researchers to have been deposited soon after the Flood. While this provides a good basis for the size and shape of the animals, license was taken to develop the unpreserved details, such as the color of scales, fur, or feathers.

Ark Animals

Who Was Noah’s Wife?

The Bible gives some specifics about Noah (e.g., righteous man, husband, father), but it does not tell us what he looked like, how he dressed, or even what his hobbies might have been. We are told even less about his family. Scripture does not even reveal the names of his wife and his daughters-in-law. Artistic license was taken to name these four women, develop their backstories, and craft their appearances.


What Did the Ark Look Like?

The Bible provides a few details about the ark (e.g., dimensions, three decks, coated inside and outside with pitch), but it does not explain every aspect needed for us to recreate an exact replica. Our Ark is based on the biblical data and shipbuilding research, but we used artistic license in many areas, including the design of the ship’s interior and exterior structure as well as the mechanisms for animal feeding and waste removal.

Ark Encounter Exterior

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