Noah’s Family

Noah’s family tree had some big names: Adam (yes, from the Garden of Eden), Enoch (the one that didn’t die), and Methuselah (the oldest man ever recorded), to name a few! And did you know there were only nine generations before him?

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Noah’s father was Lamech, not to be confused with Cain’s descendant who was the first known polygamist. We don’t have many details about Noah’s father, but when Noah was born, he said: “This one will comfort us concerning our work and the toil of our hands, because of the ground which the Lord has cursed.”



Longevity ran in Noah’s genes! Methuselah, his grandfather, lived 969 years. He may have been one of the last people to die before the Flood.

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Noah’s Genealogy

Since Noah was born in the tenth generation and people typically lived 800–900 years, Noah could’ve had some pretty old family members visit at family reunions. Everyone was pretty closely related anyway! It must have burdened Noah to see so many relatives rejecting the God who had created them only a few generations ago.


Great (x7) Grandpa Adam

That’s right, Adam was only Noah’s great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandpa. In fact, Adam, since he lived to be 930, almost lived long enough to meet Noah. Adam was alive when Noah’s father was born, so it’s possible that they knew each other.



Although Noah’s great-great-great-great-great grandfather was still around when Noah was young, his great grandfather, Enoch, was already gone. But not dead! The Bible says that God “took him” in Genesis 5, and that he “walked with God.” Hebrews 11:5 says he “did not see death.”

Noah’s Immediate Family

Noah had a wife and three sons, all of whom were saved on the Ark. Noah’s sons had wives as well, but not much is said in Scripture about any of these women.

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Noah's Sons and Their Wives

Noah’s Sons

We do have names for Noah’s sons: Shem, Ham, and Japheth. They were married before the Flood and brought their wives along. Together, they had the sobering responsibility to repopulate the entire earth.

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